I wanted to take an opportunity to showcase my favourite talent from the deaf community. I follow a number of different people, however I’ve picked my top few for different reasons, and I think you should take a look at their work.

Deafie Blogger

Deafie Blogger, AKA ‘E’, blogs about so many different deaf related topics. One of my favourite things she has worked on is the campaign to get subtitles in the cinemas. She’s worked incredibly hard on this, and I think the more people who get behind her, the better! She’s also recently won a Signature award for all of her efforts in the deaf community, and she fully deserves the credit!

Chris Fonseca

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Chris a few times, and I’ve seen his work with my own eyes. Chris is a deaf dancer, and his style of dancing is really unique and fresh. He’s probably one of the coolest people I’ve ever met too! Pumped with lots of swag and amazing moves – he’s made it onto The Greatest Dancer, which was incredible!


Where do I start with Fletch? I’ve known about her for years, but finally met her for the first time when we filmed our Sign2Sing video. Her music videos in Sign Language are incredible, she can take music and bring a whole new dimension to it with her signing. I’ve got to know her personally and some of the work that she’s put into her career really inspires me. Especially as I do a lot of signed songs too.


  1. Thank you so much for this. I’m currently in the middle of doing my level 1 with fletch, and like you said she is amazing!
    You two are the two people I mainly watch but i am also looking for more, so thank you so much

    1. Fletch is an inspiration to me! After meeting her, I just grew in respect for her. You’re very lucky to have a Teacher like her!

  2. Wayne sorry to hear this, however you being you have put your positive spin on it. I am sure talking about this will inspire others to get a hearing test and indeed learn sign language! I hope you are okay now,

  3. It’s not me in that boat, but my 1 year old son was born with perfect hearing. At 10 months, he was diagnosed with meningitis, and one week later, lost his hearing completely! Me and his dad we’re so scared, as we didn’t have any knowledge in sign language at all! And even though he now has cochlear implants, he still has limited hearing. Thanks to the videos you post online, me and his dad are able to sign some of his favourite songs to him, we are not perfect at it yet, but we are at a start. Thankyou for doing what you do, you are amazing!

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