I wanted to take an opportunity to showcase my favourite talent from the deaf community. I follow a number of different people, however I’ve picked my top few for different reasons, and I think you should take a look at their work.

Deafie Blogger

Deafie Blogger, AKA ‘E’, blogs about so many different deaf related topics. One of my favourite things she has worked on is the campaign to get subtitles in the cinemas. She’s worked incredibly hard on this, and I think the more people who get behind her, the better! She’s also recently won a Signature award for all of her efforts in the deaf community, and she fully deserves the credit!

Chris Fonseca

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Chris a few times, and I’ve seen his work with my own eyes. Chris is a deaf dancer, and his style of dancing is really unique and fresh. He’s probably one of the coolest people I’ve ever met too! Pumped with lots of swag and amazing moves – he’s made it onto The Greatest Dancer, which was incredible!


Where do I start with Fletch? I’ve known about her for years, but finally met her for the first time when we filmed our Sign2Sing video. Her music videos in Sign Language are incredible, she can take music and bring a whole new dimension to it with her signing. I’ve got to know her personally and some of the work that she’s put into her career really inspires me. Especially as I do a lot of signed songs too.


  1. Thank you so much for this. I’m currently in the middle of doing my level 1 with fletch, and like you said she is amazing!
    You two are the two people I mainly watch but i am also looking for more, so thank you so much

    1. Fletch is an inspiration to me! After meeting her, I just grew in respect for her. You’re very lucky to have a Teacher like her!

  2. Wayne sorry to hear this, however you being you have put your positive spin on it. I am sure talking about this will inspire others to get a hearing test and indeed learn sign language! I hope you are okay now,

  3. It’s not me in that boat, but my 1 year old son was born with perfect hearing. At 10 months, he was diagnosed with meningitis, and one week later, lost his hearing completely! Me and his dad we’re so scared, as we didn’t have any knowledge in sign language at all! And even though he now has cochlear implants, he still has limited hearing. Thanks to the videos you post online, me and his dad are able to sign some of his favourite songs to him, we are not perfect at it yet, but we are at a start. Thankyou for doing what you do, you are amazing!

  4. First Wayne, I’m so sorry you’re losing your hearing…but try not to worry…

    I’ve been deaf for many years now, I wear 2 hearing aids and it’s still a big struggle..

    My left ear has A1 damage, the ear drums are scared due to many infections. And something about the ear canal, can’t remember what?

    That ear is profoundly deaf on most sounds, not nyx at all. In fact i found out the other month that if I take my right hearing aid out, I can’t hear anything, and that’s with the left one in! lol

    My right ear is severe to profound, and also I’ve got scared drums,
    Think it’s got something to do with the deaf thing!! Rofl

    Initially over the years I was always, ‘what, what, whating!’ I was skitted for many years and it started to irk me! I’d say something and the person would say, ‘what?’ and laugh at me taking the mick.

    I am very blessed though, I’ve signed for 46 years! I was actually an interpreter for the deaf. So God prepared me well.

    I wasn’t scared of going deaf because I had my BSL anyway. So I’m lucky. We have to take the positive from the negative and turn it around, all of us Deafies.

    If someone puts their hand in front of their mouth, automatically my hand goes out and I move their hands down. They never really do it again! lol

    Being an interpreter meant I knew all the difficulties H. O. H. and deaf people face. That was also in my favour. But I I’ve never bothered about being deaf, I wasn’t fazed at all.

    My friends have learnt sign language from me so that’s great, I have that communication which makes my life easier when they visit me.

    But as daft as this may sound, last Sumner at my pastors house gathering, we were all chatting away… Well, I wasn’t. I sat there for 3 solid hours without conversation cos no one signed and I couldn’t hear a thing.

    That’s the first time it hit me that i I’m deaf! And I didn’t like the feeling at all… Cos I was ‘different’… I felt different!

    The next morning at church, my pastor came over to me and said,

    ‘I want members of our church to learn sign language and we’re going to make that happen.’

    14 friends from my church are loving it! .I’ve only been teaching them since November and they’re doing great! they are great! I’ll teach them everything I know, and that’s a lot.

    BSL is my first language and I’ve always believed in spreading the sign! I always say I can’t lipread… But clearly i can! Because as soon as a hand moves to the face of who I’m speaking with, who don’t sign… I’m lost, I’ve no clue what they’re saying.

    I don’t care about being deaf, it doesn’t define me as a person. At the end of the day, I know 2 languages! And BSL and SSE is a beautiful language!

    At church all the children from ages just 2 years are copying me during the worship songs, I’m told they’re mesmerised by my movements. Which is again, spreading the sign!

    If anyone bends their head when taking to me I either lift it up or tell them too. lol They all know the difficulties and are very deaf aware now which is great!

    So Wayne, don’t be scared of the future, just brazen it out and never let anyone embarrass you! Always turn it on them! And if you have to, remind whoever it is you’re deaf, so it with pride!!

    I wear a badge I had made, I have a few! lol one says,

    ‘keep calm, use BSL!’

    Another says,

    I’m deaf, not daft. lol

    Another says,

    ‘I’m deaf, please face me!’

    And another says,

    Deaf awareness!

    You’d be surprised how many people will start a conversation, using sign language!!

    You’re blessed Wayne, cos you sign like me before you lost some of your hearing. You’re seeing deafness on the other side of the coin. Now you’ll understand more and understand the difficulties we face daily more.

    I’m proud of myself, proud of my deafness and proud and loud as I go about in my super duper electic wheelchair with my badges on show on my scooter bag! 😎

    Chin up, keep calm, and use BSL!

    Cat xx

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