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[special_text_block type=”light” title=”Wayne's Story” title_size=”h3″ subtitle=”” text_content=”<p>Born and raised in Birmingham, with two wonderful deaf parents – Wayne is the kind of guy you really do fall in love with instantly. Growing up with a wonderful childhood, and starting his career as a hairdresser, things really took a turn for the better when he realised his passion for presenting. Once he found his niche, nothing was going to stop him!</p>” _made_with_builder=”true”][/special_text_block][box_icon box_style=”horizontal” box_type=”{"box_type":"icon","icon":{"icon":"icon-Heart"},"image":{"image":""}}” box_title=”” box_content=”As a believer in love, Wayne knows how important it is to love one another. Something truly important is being able to help one another, and support one another. This is the way to succeed in life.” _array_keys=”{"box_type":"box_type"}” _made_with_builder=”true”][/box_icon]
[special_text_block type=”light” title=”Experience” title_size=”h3″ subtitle=”” text_content=”<ul><li><strong>Rocks &amp; Co</strong> <em>(TV Presenter)</em></li><li><strong>Show Real</strong> <em>(Host)</em></li><li><strong>Midlands Fashion Awards</strong> <em>(Presenter)</em></li><li><strong>Question One</strong> <em>(Quizmaster)</em></li><li><strong>Moonshine Raceway</strong> <em>(Host)</em></li><li><strong>Mr &amp; Miss UK 2016</strong> <em>(Host)</em></li><li><strong>EXPO</strong> <em>(Presenter)</em></li><li><strong>Food Fest</strong> <em>(Presenter)</em></li><li><strong>The Hump</strong> <em>(Presenter)</em></li><li><strong>Gemporia</strong> <em>(TV Presenter)</em></li><li><strong>The Clothes Show Live</strong> <em>(Presenter)</em></li><li><strong>Cannock Radio</strong> <em>(Radio Presenter)</em></li></ul>” _made_with_builder=”true”][/special_text_block][box_icon box_style=”horizontal” box_type=”{"box_type":"icon","icon":{"icon":"icon-Love-User"},"image":{"image":""}}” box_title=”” box_content=”Be dedicated and passionate, and all of your dreams will come true.” _array_keys=”{"box_type":"box_type"}” _made_with_builder=”true”][/box_icon]


[testimonial_carousel testimonial_carousel=”[{"testimonial_text":"\"I worked with Wayne when I was a Producer for Gems TV and he had just joined at the end of last year . I always found him very charming, positive and hard working. For our practise work he had prepared some good storylines and done his research. He came across well on screen and I thought that the camera \"loved him\" as they say! I really liked working with him.\"","testimonial_image":"","testimonial_author":"Claire","testimonial_company":"Producer","testimonial_company_link":""},{"testimonial_text":"\"A breath of fresh air on and off screen, I didn't have the pleasure of working with you for very long but you are instantly likeable, charismatic and charming\"","testimonial_image":"","testimonial_author":"Kate McCarthy","testimonial_company":"Presenter","testimonial_company_link":""},{"testimonial_text":"\"I worked with Wayne on our university project, The Hump. Not only did Wayne help out massively by being a presenter in our student show, he was an enthusiastic, understanding and patient part of the team with the biggest smile on his face throughout. He was able to deliver everything we asked with proficiency and fun. A lovely, charming guy with excellent presenting skills!\"","testimonial_image":"","testimonial_author":"Sophie","testimonial_company":"University of Westminster","testimonial_company_link":""},{"testimonial_text":"\"I worked with Wayne on a Saturday night radio show where we were Co presenters. I was new and Wayne was completely charming and made me feel instantly at ease on the air. He is an absolute credit to anyone he works for and deserves all the success in the world! Wayne has an amazing presence on the air and always has the ability to make the smallest of things so exciting!\"","testimonial_image":"","testimonial_author":"Erin Bartholemew","testimonial_company":"Presenter","testimonial_company_link":""}]” _array_keys=”{"testimonial_carousel":"testimonial_carousel"}” _made_with_builder=”true”][/testimonial_carousel]
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