About me

I'm an adventurer, animal lover and most of all. I'm a Presenter.

The guy with copious amounts of optimism. The one with the warm heart. The Presenter with a loveable personality. The Presenter that you need in your life.


Wayne's Story

Born and raised in Birmingham, with two wonderful deaf parents - Wayne is the kind of guy you really do fall in love with instantly. Growing up with a wonderful childhood, and starting his career as a hairdresser, things really took a turn for the better when he realised his passion for presenting. Once he found his niche, nothing was going to stop him!

As a believer in love, Wayne knows how important it is to love one another. Something truly important is being able to help one another, and support one another. This is the way to succeed in life.


  • Rocks & Co (TV Presenter)
  • Show Real (Host)
  • Midlands Fashion Awards (Presenter)
  • Question One (Quizmaster)
  • Moonshine Raceway (Host)
  • Mr & Miss UK 2016 (Host)
  • EXPO (Presenter)
  • Food Fest (Presenter)
  • The Hump (Presenter)
  • Gemporia (TV Presenter)
  • The Clothes Show Live (Presenter)
  • Cannock Radio (Radio Presenter)
Be dedicated and passionate, and all of your dreams will come true.


©Wayne Barrow 2016