Something that has been on my bucket list for years is to go and see the Northern Lights. I have always imagined what they would look like in person, and I was so lucky that I got to see them TWICE in just a few months!

You’ve already seen my post about Lapland, and how I saw them there, however I’ve just returned from my trip to Iceland, and I want to share some of my top things to do whilst you’re over there.

  • Visit the Northern Lights (obviously!)
Northern Lights in Iceland

There’s something so majestic about the Northern Lights, watching them dance around in the sky is just something that you cannot explain. We weren’t lucky enough to witness the rarer pinks, however what we did witness was phenomenal.

We took a tour out with Gray Line, where they will take you into the middle of nowhere. You’re cut off from any city lights, and you can see all of the stars in the sky, clearer than you could imagine. And if you’re really lucky, you’ll get to see some shooting stars.

Now, the only downfall is that you aren’t always guaranteed to see the lights, however what’s great about this tour, is that if you don’t see them, they will take you back out for FREE! (I suggest you book to see them on your first night, so you have the time to rebook).Do the Golden Circle Tour

  • Do the Golden Circle tour
My friend, Jennie, and I visiting the Geysers

During the Golden Circle tour, you will get to see some amazing sights. Firstly, we were taken to the original Parliament of Iceland. This is one of the few countries where they can actually set a date as to when they became a nation. There’s no historical monuments in the area, but the scenery is beautiful.

You’ll also be taken to see Gullfoss waterfall, which is amazing! We found out that it used to be owned by a farmer, who sold it to the Government which was going to be used for producing electricity, however the farmer’s daughter was so persistent that they should leave the waterfall, that she threatened to commit suicide. The Government soon listened, and they kept it for us all to appreciate.

Gullfoss waterfall

The final part, which is my favourite, are the Geysers. Seeing the bubbling water in the ground, knowing that the earth is heating these up to 100 degrees is insane! You also get to witness the huge spouting Geyser which really keeps you waiting. You watch, and watch, and watch, then you suspect it is going to blow. Then it doesn’t. The moment you decide that it’s taking too long, and you turn your head for one second, that’s the moment it blows! Just make sure you keep well clear of the boiling hot water!

  • Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon (see if you can spot me?!)

Iceland is famed for its Blue Lagoon. It really is a wonderful place to visit. Be sure that you don’t take see through swimwear like I did (epic fail!).

It is very manic getting into the lagoon and the changing rooms. You are provided towels, however you can upgrade and have dressing gowns and slippers provided too (I don’t think it’s worth it).

Once you’ve battled through the hectic changing rooms, and you’ve found a locker. You have to shower naked, in front of others (unless you manage to get one of the few cubicles. So I hope if you go, that you’re body confident.

Once you’re out of there, into your swimwear, you have two options. You can brave going outdoors into the cold to enter the water, or you have the chance to enter from the inside. I may sound mad, but I’d recommend going from the outside, there’s much more satisfaction feeling the warm water on your skin from the freezing cold air.

Make sure you get your free mud mask and free drink whilst you’re there. They’re totally worth it!

  • Hallgrimskirkja Church
Hallgrimskirkja Church

We didn’t get a chance to go inside of this building, however we did manage to have a walk around the outside. If you’re into your architecture, then this is a must see! The images really don’t do the place justice.

Unfortunately, as I didn’t do a tour, or there wasn’t much information around, I don’t have much to say on this, apart from it’s pretty to look at. So go and check it out!

Iceland is full of natural phenomenon’s like the tectonic plates it sits across to the volcanos such as Hekla, which is known as the gateway to hell.

I’ve never experienced a place like Iceland, and if It’s on your bucket list, make sure you head over!

We had a lot of feedback saying how expensive it was over there, but we were very clever. We had bed & breakfast, where we stocked up on food, and didn’t eat anything until dinner time. If you’re not a big drinker too, it can also work out cheaper. Overall, for the flights, transfers, accommodation, tours & spending money, a long weekend totalled up to around £700. Which I don’t think is too bad – but I suggest you check it out for yourself.

If you’ve been before, drop some comments below with your favourite bits of the country.


    1. There wasn’t any snow whilst I was there, so we didn’t even have the idea. I’m sure if you do a little research, you may be able to find something 🙂

  1. TBH I thought you meant the Supermarket “Icelan” at first. 😆
    But this was a brilliant blog and I hope you had a fantastic time x x

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